The effect of chinese herb nutrition supply on 5-ht and in different brain region of rat after acute endurance exercise

Por: Yajun Song.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Researches show that the serotonin(5-HT) and dopamine(DA) in brain are the main media of central fatigue during long time sport[2]. Medical researches have discovered that the levels of 5-HT and DA of model animal’s brain can be changed by adding Compound Chinese Herb Nutrition Supply (CCHNS)[4-6]. This research attempts to provide a basis for the relationship between CCHNS’ supplement and the exercise central fatigue, through exploring the effect of CCHNS’ supplement on the content of 5-HT and DA in rat’s different brain regions after a long-time swimming.


Prepare 40 three-month male Wistar rats, dividing them randomly into quiet group, exercise group, CCHNS quiet group and CCHNS exercise group. Every day, pour 3ml CCHNS composed of Ginseng, Huang Qi and two other Chinese herbs into the rats’ stomaches in CCHNS group for 5 days. The exercise load of rats is continued swimming 3 hours on test day. Kill the rats by cutting their heads, dividing the brain into endbrain ,diencephalon and brain stem. Use Water510 HPLC-ECD to test the content of 5-HT and DA. All the data is shown by X±SD. ANOV is taken between groups.


Immediately after exercise, the content of DA in diencephalon in exercise group presents a notable decline(p<0.05) compare with that in quiet group, whereas the 5-HT/DA present a notable rise(p<0.05). The content of 5-HT in rats’ diencephalon and brain stem and 5-HT/DA in endbrain in CCHNS exercise group presents a notable decline(p<0.05) compared with that in exercise group.


Researches hold that long-time exercise can increase the content of 5-HT and decrease the content of DA in rat’s brain, and that this is the main central machanism which causes exercise fatigue[2]; this research supports the above view. Davis et al researches show that adding proper sugar and branched-chain amino acid before or during the exercise can decrease the content of 5-HT in brain, thus defers the exercise fatigue[1-3]. This research has found that 5-day CCHNS’ supplement decrease the susceptibility of 5-HT and DA in different brain regions respounding to acute endurance exercise; and the content of 5-HT in diencephalons and brain stem and the 5-HT/DA in endbrain present a notable decrease compared with that in the same state without supplement. One fact should be point out that CCHNS may play a positive role in deferring the exercise central fatigue. We analyse that this may have something to do with central and perioheral mechanism that CCHNS adjust synthesize and catabolic metabolism of 5-HT and DA.


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