The old age is a sign of the progressing of the human beings society, and it is also a inexorable trend of the development of the population all over the world. At present, the health condition of the retired people is worrisome. However, the activities with which the old spend their leisure time are mostly related to physical exercise. What’s more, aerobics occupy the leading part. It has very important reality meanings to pursue the plan of the whole people exercise in China. In the way of investigating, this paper shows us some acquaintance with the life pattern, physical exercise and health condition of the elderly Chinese nowadays.


Adopting document material, investigation, questionnaire and statistics, this paper analyzes the basic situation about the health and physical exercise of the elderly in sixteen provincial capitals.


Parks are the most important places for Chinese elderly people to do exercises. Near 40% of elderly people take it which is basically in accordance with Chinese national conditions; around 10% take exercises in gyms; about 13% take exercises in rooms; and 15.1%( male) and 17.7( female) take exercises on open ground. All the above shows a fundamental character of diversity of the exercising places for Chinese elderly people. More than 80% of Chinese elderly people "take part in physical exercises for 3 times or more a week" which shows Chinese elderly people have reached a fairly high level on participating actively in physical exercises .However, we still should pay attention to that around 15% of the elderly group cannot actually participate in physical exercises for 3 times or more.

Discussion/ Conclusions

The elderly people in China participate in physical exercises in order to build up a strong constitution, to promote one’s health and to defer the process of infirmity because scientific physical activities and exercises are substantially conducive to body-building and prolongation of one’s life. The primary places where the elderly people in China usually carry out the physical exercises are parks, open lots, rooms and stadiums, .etc., which shows the diversity of the locations for the elderly people to do exercises. Moreover, diversity also exists in the items of exercises they are engaged in .The elderly people are deeply fond of long walk. The selection of exercise items also shows the distinction of gender. The male are obviously more fond of jogging than the female while the female elderly people are obviously more fond of some exercises on the aspects of qigong, body-building exercise and dancing etc. To sum, most elderly people mainly take part in aerobic exercises.


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