The study of biomechanical monitoring of training and nutritious invigorant mode of excellent bicycle athlete during period of winter training

Por: Bai Liu e Wei Gao.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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This training monitoring is founded on the necessity of having information on training effects, adequacy of training design, and pattern of adaptational possibilities of an athlete. It consisits of recording metabolic and hormonal parameters that make it possible to get more profound information on adaptive processes in the body of an athlete and nutritious invigorant mode valuable to the high-level athletes during winter training.


The study-s object is Zhao Haijuan ¨Ca Chinese famously excellent bicycle athlete, who has gained the champion of World Cup and Asia Sports Game. We observed her physical changes of biochemical and nutritious invigorant during her winter training from 11-12,2003. The indexes we select are: Hemoglobin (Hb), Testosterone(T) and Creatine kinase (CK).


From the monitoring we found at the beginning of the training the athlete-s physical form is not adaptive. Her T and Hb were at the low-level of the whole winter training. And her CK after training was correspondingly at the high-level at the same time. On this phase we immediately used Super Tribulus and Hemogrow to enhance her testosterone and hemoglobin, 1.6-FDP to turn down her CK, also reduced the intensity of her training properly in order she adapt the training as quickly as possible. After a period of adjustment, her status of training was quickly adapted. After that, the training go on wheels and she nearly reached her excellent form..


When the indexes of T and Hb are at low-level, it indicates the status of the athlete is not very well. We should use nutritious invigorant to improve the athlete-s training ability. Also we should adjust the training intensity to adapt the athlete-s training status.


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