Use serum creatine kinase to determine the bearing ability of weight lifters to training load

Por: Yuheng Gui.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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the authors intend to analyze the cases that are based on a long-term systematic surveying of the training for seven national and world champion lifters ,as well as their CK(creatine kinase )changes through. The authors try to clarify the application value of CK to weight lifting training, also to provide more referential base for the scientific training.


The data used in this case study are collected in weight lifting training. The training data are the results for classical lifts and specific assistance exercises. The Refloron (made in Germany )is used to determine the lifters CK once or twice a week: on Monday for recovery value, on Thursday for the value of training. In case of obvious CK rises(above 1000U/L)for someone, several tests are taken till it recovers.

The CK change varies individually. The peak training value of CK may reach above 2000 U/L. The mean value of CK for a period of 3-5 months ranges from 200 to 900 U/L. It is found that the CK change has the following features:
1.The elite young weight lifters are able to tolerate high level of CK during heavy training and they would recover quickly post training. They would stand training with high level of CK for 2-3 weeks. 2. Lifters, whose CK recover slowly to the normal value, would have difficulty to improve or retain their performance both in classical lifting and specific assistance exercises. 3. By supervising training with CK, we might estimate the lifters potential. 4. CK may rise rapidly after a sudden intense stimulation on a certain part of the body.

Discussion/ Conclusions
1.Being more sensitive to intensity of lifting exercises, CK would be one of the important parameters to supervise the reaction and adaptation of lifters to training load. 2.CK rises highly during heavy intensity training for elite lifters with great potentiality and also recover quickly with modification of training load. 3.When analyzing the cause of CK rise, the varied interfering aspects must be considered. 4.Be avoided to have CK reach to the peak before competition. CK must recover to normal for lifters perform well at competition. 5.It might be a good way to use CK to supervise and manage weight lifting training load. The reaction and adaptation to training load are more individualized, so individual model should be developed for each lifters based on follow-up survey.


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